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  • FleetWave<sup>®</sup> a truly scalable web-based, enterprise fleet software solution for larger or complex operations including multi-company, multi-location, multi-national fleets.
  • RoadBASE<sup>®</sup>Roadbase is the most flexible and adaptable windows based fleet management software available enabling you to control and report on all aspects of your fleet operation
  • Adaptable Fleet SoftwareConfigurable to suit your specific needs, our solutions are scalable, flexible and able to streamline processes regardless of fleet size or complexity.
  • Installation ManagementOur Dedicated Project managers are available to help guide you through the set up and implementation of your software and are on hand to help with any queries, requests and amendments to your project that you need.
  • Award Winning SoftwareChevin receive recognition winning multiple awards for innovation in the field of improving fleet operations
  • Leading The Way In Fleet SoftwareSave Time, Save Money, Stay Legal

Fleet Management Software Systems

25 Years of fleet software innovation

Chevin Fleet Solutions is a leading global provider of fleet management software, pioneering industry innovation for over two decades. Chevin developed the world’s first web-based fleet management systems and continues to offer cutting-edge enterprise technology, such as unique multilingual and lexicon support, helping customers achieve a true competitive advantage.

The best flexible fleet management software

Chevin FleetWave® is an easy-to-use web-based application that provides businesses and organizations a unique and flexible way to manage, automate and consolidate their fleet processes in to one integrated fleet management system. Proven to help tackle inefficiencies, streamline processes, improve performance, ensure compliance, reduce cost and mitigate risk, Chevin FleetWave® is used in over 82 countries worldwide.

A different approach to customers

Working closely to carefully analyze requirements, Chevin’s holistic approach means you will receive a flexible and intuitive solution tailored to the unique demands of your fleet operations.

Fleet asset management software

Fleet Management Software Solutions

When it comes to managing vehicle equipment and associated fleet assets, visibility is key – after all, if you don't know a problem exists, how can you expect to deal with it? Relying upon disjointed spreadsheets or stand-alone enterprise fleet software or workshop management software applications creates a difficult working environment and runs the risk of other important data falling through the cracks.

Chevin's fleet management software consolidates all of your fleet data - from driver details and vehicle repairs to parts scheduling and fuel cards - into one enterprise-wide, user-friendly system. In addition, the intuitive nature of Chevin's fleet software enables users to gain real-time visibility over a series of user-defined KPIs, such as driver behavior and CO2 emissions; receive alerts to warn of potential hazards, such as impending vehicle inspections or driver health-checks; and generate automated reports to demonstrate improved fleet performance.

You'll quickly realize improvements in the following areas:

Reduce Fleet Costs

Consolidating data into one centralized, enterprise-wide fleet program you will be able to monitor and reduce financial investment
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Lower Emissions

With stricter legislation relating to CO2 emissions being introduced each year across most of the developed world, non-compliance is a non-option
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Increase Fleet Utilization

Our fleet management software will ensure your fleet is operating at its full potential, which is essential in order to reduce costs
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Automate Processes

Let our transport software do the hard work. Integrating with third-party and function-specific applications, such as vehicle tracking and HR software leaves you the freedom to manage
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vehicle maintenance software

Maintaining the road-worthiness of your vehicle fleet involves keeping on top of scheduled servicing and maintenance work, conducting regular vehicle inspections and being able to react quickly to unforeseen repair needs. Without the help of capable vehicle maintenance software, as part of an enterprise-wide fleet management system, fleet operators risk compliance failings and driver safety.

To ensure repair and maintenance work is conducted regularly, take advantage of the intuitive functionality of Chevin's range of fleet management software. If your workshop is struggling to input and analysis vehicle maintenance data using current outdated vehicle maintenance software, your fleet could be costing your unnecessary expense and posing unnecessary risk. With Chevin's workshop management software, workshop personnel will be automatically alerted to expiring service and MOT certificates and able to update vehicle inspection results from anywhere with a web connection.



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